Mission for Medbilden


Focusing on the future of medical education in order to create leading illustrations today.


Building creative and unique visual solutions that will engage your audience and improve their understanding of complex topics.

Artist Bio:


Joshua Klein BFA, MSMI

Josh was introduced to medical illustration by the renowned professor of drawing at the University of Toledo, Diana Attie. He received two years of anatomy drawing education from her that helped prepare him for graduate-level study. Intense critiques, long hours of practice, and exploration of 'Old Master' painters at the Toledo Museum of Art helped solidify his passion for precision.

While working on graduate school prerequisites, Josh interned for two years at the University of Toledo Health Campus with a team of medical illustrators at the Center for Creative Instruction. He worked on notable projects that included: artwork for publication in International Innovation magazine, contribution of twenty illustrations to Clinical Anatomy: A Case Based Approach for McGraw-Hill, and creation of an award winning six-by-eight foot digitally-painted mural placed in the foyer of the department.

Josh received a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a focus in drawing from the University of Toledo in 2013. He followed this with a Masters of Science in Medical Illustration from Georgia Regents University in 2015. He graduated with four awards from regional and international exhibitions earned by student and collaborative work.

Main software proficiencies:

    Adobe Suite: Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere, Audition, Dreamweaver, Indesign.
    Cinema 4D

Other interests:

    Photography & cinematography
    Technology and computer hardware
    web design and programming languages
    Running, hiking and weightlifting
    Playing drums

What is a Medical Illustrator?

All the information you could ever need to learn about our field can be found at our organization: the Association of Medical Illustrators.

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Behind the name Medbilden...

Medbilden is a compound word of 'medical' and 'bilden'. Bilden is a word of germanic and northern european root that has multiple meanings relating to imagining in one's mind, or to picture and also educate.

Here are some further definitions of bilden from dict.cc

  • to form
  • to build
  • to shape
  • to compose
  • to educate
  • to generate
  • to cultivate
  • This word encapsulates the nature of medical illustration as an art form. The knowledge and practice of the artist is employed to reveal the unseeable, so learners can ultimately achieve a better education.