• Anatomy
  • Editorial
  • Surgical
  • Device
  • Storyboard
  • Animation
  • Anatomy

    Black & white anatomy drawings. This is the most traditional medical illustration style, it is great for simplicity and keeping the focus on content or message.

    Anatomy illustrations created in color show greater realism, color can also be used to teach and call out important aspects of the composition.



    Editorial illustrations use color and creative compositions to create impact. They can be used to teach or showcase an idea.



    Black & white surgical illustrations are clean and clear like their accompanying text. They keep the focus on the procedure and steps involved. They can be rendered either in line or full tone.

    Surgical illustrations in color can help describe important visual details better than a black & white version. Color also bring the illustrations closer to what the surgeon will experience in the OR



    Product illustrations are made to showcase the design and/or function of an instrument or device.



    Development of a project involves many steps, but the largest portion of time can often be the beginning research and planning phase. Persuasive and clear storyboarding is fundamental in this process. Known for being a key step in animations, this sketch and scripting process is also useful for interactive program development or for formulating ideas for still image educational or advertising campaigns.